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Why is fraud Australia's No1 crime?



Guaranteed success, 97% of victims never get their money back.



To gain clarity we recommend you read and study the Current Police Crime Reports and the latest integrated planning act forum and discussion paper 08/06.

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Updated November 20th 2018



Think of the worst case scenario. Our Barrister Davida Ellen Williams was gaoled and barred for life for forgery and fraud, with one successful attempt and five failed attempts, for about $1.3 million.

It is obvious further fraud charges need to be laid, in this associated conspiracy. The mums and dads, investors, the developer and the public patiently await justice to be done. You learn in a period of a lifetime things can always get worse. How would you turn your life around?

We studied criminology, we set CIB, S. A. A., engineering and key town planning I.P.A. traps. To 'crystallise the loss', a 'dead corporate body' Badja Pty Ltd was created to prove, the contractor's ruse was to gain our 22-block subdivision by litigation and liquidation.

This was assisted by the Commonwealth Bank's abandonment of the customer, the developer and buyers . They confessed “This is a 'bank circus.” To mean, fraud. The good news long term, this Q.L.S. test case will be to their advantage to prevent crime. Good reason to support ‘Transparency International' for the RICO Act!




  12 Judges and 2 Key Magistrates were deceived as to the true state of affairs, in part by the Supreme Court Registrar Ian Mitchell's fraudulent direction "To throw the Police Crime Reports in the bin" / obvious contempt of court / planned cover-up at the highest level.*** As volunteers and 'whistleblowers' primary Police detail solves crime. Time to follow orders / failure is not an option / never give up!  




Reports are in PDF format available from Adobe





Police Crime Reports to 07-09


Past Police Crime Reports to 07-09
















JOHN BRIGHT for Ada Bright, 1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560

Telephone: (07) 5478 5906



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