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We have been told our story is too complicated, to get it down to 10 lines.

Think of a period of success 1945-1995 of growth, prosperity and wealth.

How to deal with a confessed multimillion dollar fraud? How was this allowed to happen? Faced with multiple family cancer, panic at the thought of death, separation and divorce, we were left with a successful healthcare business and a small family farm to subdivide.

The CBA provided an incomplete loan, allowing a chain of scams. We were given legal advice that the Head Contractor's ruse was to abandon, litigate and liquidate to strip us of our assets and pride. There is the list of confessed actors: - Dr Robert Whiting's part in a 3 year delay with 6 car bodies buried in a dam above the development, quote “You will not put one foot on our land.” Brisbane City Council “We are not responsible, in the case of flooding sue the design engineer.” 'Bagman' – Head Contractor Robert James Wilson confession of guilt 422/2000-2. Bank Commonwealth confessed cover-up payment of $25,000 proves their liability. Barrister Davida Williams known by 5 names – confessed more than forgery and fraud, gaoled for bank fraud only. The A. G. release – not to sue Police for wrongful arrest – a scam. CIB Detective Sergeant Trevor Kidd fabricated charges - proof criminal code S391. Fraud Squad Detective Sergeant Brett Heath covered up the in-home invasion and nun chucker attack. $200,000 then $47,962.97 extortion demands and a $255,000 'slush fund' to create a multimillion dollar loss. Unregistered in Qld engineer – Brad Jones ‘Site Solutions' to hold subcontractors off site illegally from 4-16 months. Bar Association – CEO Daniel O'Connor – cover up of a Barrister's malpractice. Solicitor - James Conomos – collusion? Solicitor Reg Kleidon “I will swear in court I did the best I could.” Sisters of Mercy insisted on a 1% ownership by a borrower. Accountant – Tim Allen for $10,000 gave a damages confession, CIB, SAA engineering trap planned to create a 'Dead Corporate Body' Badja Pty Ltd to win in court. Hence Supreme Court Judge Muir's quote “I do not understand. I need clarity. ” District Court Judge Brabazon reference Barrister Davida Williams' malpractice “Not the way to do it.” (Davida was charged Feb02, gaoled Nov04 and disbarred for life Oct05). Magistrate Austin “Yes, well, I do not care what (anyone from) the Police Minister down has to say.” Queensland Law Society Judge Pat Shanahan “Do the obvious follow the court transcript and the money trail.” Legal Ombudsman Jack Nimmo “Forget about the money and concentrate on the law.” Church and witness Rev. Michael Veary “Just keep on telling the truth.” Psychologist Dr. Frank Walsh “It's only over when it's over and it's not over yet.” Calcare Bevan Wigham “When working with organised crime, do so with care.” Premier Peter Beattie “Find a solution.” Attorney General's Rod Welford “Police are in charge of this case.” Police Chief of Staff Superintendent Peter Martin and Area Commander John Hopgood “We have read your Police Crime Reports, and agree further charges must be laid.” Supreme Court Registrar Ian Mitchell “Rip up the Police Crime Reports.” Magistrates Court Registrar Brisbane correction “It's a technical problem.” Jones Flint & Pike (JF&P) bank engineer's previous valuation is the technical solution. Backed up by other engineers, experts and SAA law . Barrister Paul McQuade “Do not expect to get justice in the Supreme Court, always look to mediate.” Supreme Court Judges Mackenzie and White direction “To mediate and gain disclosure.” Conclusion: Go back to the original scam of abandonment, litigation and liquidation (all-fraud) . The act of good Government to protect our Superannuation Fund to allow us to fight to the death. Police direction “You cannot live with unresolved crime.” Hence directing to “Write up Police Crime Reports.”

JOHN BRIGHT for Ada Bright, PO Box 4120 Caloundra Qld 4551, second defendant of eleven

07 5478 5906

Email: Ada Bright brights@live.com.au


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