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1 Davida charged

The Courier Mail Sep14 2002 p14

Former Prosecutor on fraud charges

Chris Griffiths


A FORMER Commonwealth prosecutor will face charges

of fraud and forgery in the Brisbane Magistrate's court.

Barrister Davida Wilson aka Williams acted for the Crown

more than a decade ago prosecuting drug importers.

She later worked in the Queensland Director of Public

Prosecutions office.

Recently she has worked in private practice. Ms Wilson,

44, has been charged with six counts of attempted fraud,

one of fraud, and one of forgery and uttering.

A commital hearing will be held on September 30, 2002.

Ms Wilson is no longer a member of the Queensland Bar



Davida Williams was charged Sep02,

Gary Armstrong, whose signature was forged, was summonsed as a witness Feb03,

Gary was the manager of Healthequip, where Davida as a barrister worked for the

owner John Bright to resolve the problems that arose with the contractor and the

CBA in the 22 lot subdivision ar Belmont.

She was sentenced to 3 years (for forgery, uttering and passing off, but John Bright's

problems of her mis-representation are unresolved),

but gaoled for only for 6 months Nov04,

and disbarred for life Oct05.

Further charges should be laid.



dob 30.07.1958

barrister 2.02.1982

became a public prosecutor

separated from her husband.

charged 14.09.2002

witness 11.02.2003

gaoled 19.11.2004

appealed 9.02.2005

disbarred 24.10.2005


Anyone knowing Davida Wilson, also known as Davida Williams, Armstrong,

Bennett, Collins, or her former husband former Police Inspector John Williams,

reported bankrupt, please contact

John Bright

1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560

Tel 07 5478 5906







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