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2 Davida gaoled

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Fraud Lands Former Prosecutor in Jail

25 November, 2004

After attempting to fraudulently obtain a $1.3 million dollar loan, a former Queensland Crown prosecutor has been jailed for six months.
Over a decade ago Barrister Davida Wilson, 47, aka Davida Williams, Bennett, Collins, and Armstrong, represented the Crown in the prosecution of drug importers.
Last week Williams was in court in a different capacity, being sentenced on one count of fraud and five counts of attempted fraud, to which she had pleaded guilty.
Between May 2001 and February 2002, she approached six banks seeking $1.3 million in loans for two properties. Using false documents, the value of the properties had been grossly inflated.
She apparently forged the signature of a Gary Armstrong, the manager of a firm owned by a John Bright, where she had been engaged to assist as a Barrister.
Only once did Williams manage to secure a loan, worth $198,000, over a property valued at $140,000.
She has reportedly repaid all but $20,000, having sold the property.
Brisbane District Court Judge Julie Dick accepted that Williams was trying to make up for losses incurred by her divorce from her former husband, a police inspector, who had gone bankrupt.
Judge Dick said Williams' mental state had been affected by a severe illness, a bowel condition for which she had undergone several operations.
She sentenced Williams to three years in prison, but permitted her to be released after serving six months due to her illness.
Williams, who had already voluntarily stood down from the bar, was disbarred over the incident.


dob 30.07.1958

barrister 2.02.1982

became a public prosecutor

separated from her husband.

charged 14.09.2002

witness 11.02.2003

gaoled 19.11.2004

appealed 9.02.2005

disbarred 24.10.2005

Why would a well paid couple a Police Inspector and a Barrister have money problems?

Anyone knowing Davida Wilson, also known as Davida Williams, Armstrong, Bennett, Collins,

or her former husband former Police Inspector John Williams, reported bankrupt,

please contact

John Bright

1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560

Tel 07 5478 5906





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