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Why Support this anti-corruption/racketeering official IPA forum discussion paper 08/2006?

This 'smart state', ‘can do', ‘make it happen'‘Premier's solution'!

Why solve the riddle / solve the crime then as bank Solicitors get the sack?

'Smart state' Supreme Court Judge Byrne warns “The penalty for this crime is a five year gaol term.” Please explain his forward thinking, town planning / crime correction to Judge Muir and Chief Justice Paul deJersey. Reference Judge Pat Shanahan's Crown / Queensland Law Society findings “This is the best case out of 14 under Q.L.S. investigation for (RICO) law reform.” Refer Q.L.S. CEO Peter Carne for details. Supreme Court Judge Muir confessed “No understanding or clarity.” To mean, why did he liquidate Badja Pty Ltd over a Police and Solicitor confirmed $10,000 Magistrates Court Registrar's technical device / trap to enact this Environmental Protection Act, Section 32, insurance scam? To make the E.P. Act and I.P. Act equal by law to the Attorney General and Police Department. The Head Contractor's first three Solicitors due to the Q.L.S. warning “To first defend the law or face a five year gaol term” explained the ruse “To run us out of time and money to gain fraudulent liquidation.” Best explained by the Commonwealth Bank motive, reference Solicitors Clarke and Kann's good work. Their legal opinion in Supreme Court affidavit 4461/2001 “It is illegal to sell land without title to gain a Commonwealth Bank loan.” Hence the crime, they were sacked for being honest.

  • Therefore the smart Brisbane City Council / Internal Investigation Department directed “Set out this case for the Qld Police to get the credit.” This caused the developer and buyers to use criminology to ‘crystallise the loss' of Badja Pty Ltd as evidence as a 'Dead Corporate Body' to lay fraud charges. The Fraud Squad Detective Sergeant Brett Heath was engaged to hide the detail of Detective Sergeant Trevor Kidd's cover up reference Criminal Code S391, proof by law as ordered by Judge Shanahan, to prove abandonment is fraud. (Self evident) Hence the signed Attorney General's release, absolute proof of the scam “Not to sue Police for wrongful arrest.” Proof of both Detective's Kidd and Heath's fraudulent action. Hence Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson's approval, reference quote Police Crime Reports 261-2 “I wish I could get someone to stick to a quote” to mean, Lord Mayor Campbell Newman's ‘ can do' policy, as witness he must write a written submission by law as promised by law, to support the Police Commissioner and B.C.C. / I.I.D. 'whistleblowers' to provide the political support for the Police checklist and Police Commissioner as Police confirm “We do not make the law.” Hence the Premier's solution due to what is called by multiple experts in law as ‘natural justice' (volunteer's patience and time) the solution to replace the proven fraudulent, bank, D.P.P. and Risk Management bribe / kickback for $25,000 to prove liability as part of the false 300% budget blow-out with the Rescue Management solution:- To mean, first the Community Cabinet meetings, then the Attorney General and Police Ministers must now back the Supreme Court Judge's Mackenzie and Whites mediation and disclosure orders, the Police Commissioner, E.P.A. and I.P.A. reform to provide political leadership and support. Note Magistrate Austin's confusion “I do not care what (anyone from) the Police Minister down has to say.” Hence integrate ‘Transparency International' and the RICO Act to prevent corruption and racketeering kickbacks accepted by the Police Ethics Standard Command as normal. The Police Union and honest Police openly confess guilt “This is the way to do business” to mean, bribes and kickbacks are normal. Hence the evidence in 328 Police Crime Reports where numerous Police have thrown us out of their Police Stations instead of collecting evidence to lay fraud charges. The importance to acknowledge the contempt of court of Supreme Court Registrar Ian Mitchell's ruling quote “To throw these Police Crime Reports in the bin.” In his defence, he too was misled by the skill and cunning of an ex-DPP Barrister and Prosecutor working for organised crime. His obvious limited understanding of bullying and racketeering in the building and construction industry. Most architects, engineers, town planners, or council inspectors support the Magistrates Court Registrars need for a ‘technical device'. The key importance to safeguard our ‘technical devices' as in the Standards Association of Australia Rule 27.2 as specified by Baseline Civil Engineers, the importance to ensure the inspection team, our team is able to gain access and full ability to inspect the whole project at all times in accordance with all laws beyond any shadow of doubt. This did not happen in our 22 block subdivision.
  • Our Barrister (previously married to a Police Inspector) confessed to be a forger, fraudster with utterance and went to prison for only a small part of an associated conspiracy to hide this conspiracy as the first step to many corrections. Chris Watts CBA mediation expert confessed guilt and directed the ‘make it happen' solution “We must defend our mothers at all cost.” To mean, in brief the need for more that one defendant and the need for multiple witnesses to never give up until we gain Chris Watt's clue “All the bank wants is closure.” Thanks to the Crown, Q.L.S. Judge Pat Shanahan's findings “Look at the obvious.” Criminal Code S391 as confirmed DPP evidence, Police Risk Management prevented disclosure to prevent the defendants from moving forward. Both Detectives obstructed justice. Hence by the formal Police checklist and Crown direction by law, we must study the new evidence and proof hidden by the corrupt Detectives.1) Rob Wilson's hand written proof on the ‘For Sale' sign to crash sales, 2) why prevent the CIB investigation into questioning the witnesses who were told by the Head Contractor quote “You will never own your land”,3) why Grahame Ledwidge's order to rip up legal contracts to buy land, 4) as the Crown put it in a nut shell we are proven innocent, we must prove guilt. To do that, we were forced to prove both Detectives Kidd and Heath worked for the corrupt racketeers, 1) the rogue Bank Manager Grahame Ledwidge 2) the 'bagman' Robert James Wilson and 3) the now felon, forger, fraudster ex-DPP Barrister / Prosecutor Davida Ellen Williams. By law the now ex-Attorney General Minister Rod Welford in giving his formal apology and stepping down as Minister has directed “The Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson is in control of this case.” The Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson confessing the enormity and severity of this crime. Hence his request for political assistance / Premier's solution:- As both Detectives were protected by the Assistant Commissioner for Police Pat Doonan when it's obvious Tim Allen our accountants $10,000 damages confession proves we have lost $millions of $dollars to well organised crime. Hence the importance to support the Crown, Q.L.S. findings, this is their best cast for (RICO) law reform. First defend the law, second, have the criminals pay the money they stole back to the defendants and the innocent whose lives they have destroyed for confesses self-greed and self-gain. To keep a balance by law. The fraud as the Legal Services Commission explained “You may have got your Barrister into prison but you will not get your money back so why do you waste your time?” Like any volunteer we work for the common good!

JOHN BRIGHT for Ada Bright, 1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560, second defendant of eleven

07 54785906

Email: Ada Bright brights@live.com.au


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