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Integrated Planning Act ‘Smart State' discussion paper!

Solve the Commonwealth Bank riddle and solve the crime!

Why sack your bank Solicitor Clarke and Kann because they first defended the law?

This official integrated planning act forum / discussion paper 08/2006 means we stand on the cutting edge of Australian law reform. The Queensland Premier Peter Beattie as a Solicitor has revealed the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organisation Act as Transparency International law reform. (Well done!) To mean, our chance to first defend the law. We volunteer to work as 'whistleblowers' for the freedom of speech,never to give up on the truth. To prove by law, to Abandon, Liquidate, Litigate = all-fraud. The precedence provided, thanks to the COLE inquiry, identified how $20million$ was spent in legal costs by the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) in hiding court disclosure. The AWB is alleged to have paid $290million$ in kickbacks to fund the Iraq war. Think how those farmers feel today, in shock, we all are! This precedence explains by law, the need to reform Australian law, to the same European and USA international standards to include the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organisation (RICO) act for antiSLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) for freedom of speech. Therefore we must team up and integrate with Transparency International, to give meaning to law, to open the door for correction also known as natural justice. To stamp out crime that is controlled and protected by the people we know and trust the most. Hence look at our Crown, Q.L.S. test case / model / signal or example.

  • Fraud is hidden by the ‘DPP, Police and bank Risk Management' instead of the obvious need of training ‘Rescue Management.' (Our area of expertise with the assistance of key expert witness Dr. Frank Walsh psychologist. To use tact and style for crime prevention in this I.P.A. discussion paper to solve the problem, to teach the teacher not blame the messenger.) To be direct our ex-DPP Barrister / Prosecutor Davida Ellen Williams now a confessed criminal caused us to lose $millions of $dollars starting with our 22 block subdivision. In brief, this low life criminal worked for the mob, with mafia type crime, she helped organise kickbacks, first with $500,000 for fraudulent legal costs, to prevent Arbitration, Magistrate, District and Supreme Court disclosure. To fund this confessed Commonwealth Bank circus. The scam proven with budget blowouts at up to 300% above cost. To trick, cheat and deceive five Supreme Court Judge's; Mackenzie, White, Muir, Byrne and deJersey gaining Judge Byrne's warning “The penalty for this crime is a five year gaol term.” (Smart Judge) This integrated planning act forum has become the official Police checklist for those in the community that care. By law it identifies Colonel/Judge Pat Shanahan for the Crown / Q.L.S. who ruled “Look at the obvious. You cannot sue for abandonment. You must prove abandonment is fraud.” He added “This is the best case for law reform.” Another smart Judge, which is why he got the job, to gain closure. Now is the time for the Integrated Planning Act to shine the light on crime.
  • Davida, the now felon explained the law and her trick to try and gain freedom and forgiveness. Her legal opinion as a last resort “Throw yourself on your sword.” Davida explained the Vexatious Litigants Act, also confirmed by the Registrar of the Brisbane and Holland Park Magistrate Courts and Police administration. (Well done.) Davida was a broken criminal and gave a bank confession of guilt only. (See the conspiracy fraud.) Hence, ex-Attorney General Minister Rod Welford apologised and confessed in brief, he did not know Davida was a criminal. (Take note, better trained and 10 times smarter than most criminals.) His reason for protecting Davida's part in these conspiracies, as an old University friend, is called nepotism / note law of association, accession (abandonment). They studied law together. Rod Welford as Minister had ministerial powers overruling every Judge and Magistrate in Queensland. This was Davida's protection / scam and fraud. The Judge's transcripts confirm a key pivotal point / how they were unable to gain justice, by quote “What does the DPP have in mind for the prisoner?” (Admitting to the fact that Rod Welford's mistake in protecting Davida has cost all defendants $millions of $dollars.) Hence Rod's formal apology and new direction “The Queensland Police are now in charge of this case.” For your clarity and understanding this means Davida Williams was a multiple criminal initially protected by the bank, DPP and Police Risk Management conspiracy. The next step was Davida's fraudulent control of the ‘DPP plea bargaining.' She organised ‘the joke', a three year suspended gaol term, providing she gave back the money she stole or attempted to steal from the six banks by stealing the money from us. Confirmed by the Queensland Legal Commission 'whistleblowers' confession of guilt “You may have got your Barrister into prison (for six months after a two year delay) but you will not get your money back so why do you waste your time?” The obvious reason being to introduce the RICO Act into Australian law reform and ensure volunteers and'whistleblowers' receive justice! The six bank scam completely over-shadowed our case. Hence the Crown's direction “Look at the obvious.” With the aid of that scam we lost $millions of $dollars. Hence Judge Muir apparently did not have a clue to his part of the scam to fraudulently liquidate Badja Pty Ltd!
  • This is a multifunctional crime of planned mismanagement ready for your correction. Acknowledged by the Crown and ex-Minister for the Attorney General's Department, where the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson in brief has asked the appropriate question by law. “As you have sufficient funds (left in your superannuation fund after spending $100,000 on Police Crime Reports) is it worth all the trouble?” (To mean to set out this case as directed by the Brisbane City Council / Internal Investigation Department so that the Queensland Police will get the credit for a job well done.) To mean ultimately Davida and her associates will be charged with fraud and like the banks the $millions of $dollars stolen from the defendants will be paid back! Proof this is no normal crime and is a multiple conspiracy.

Our rebuttal by law:-

  • Why this confessed Commonwealth Bank led conspiracy? The motive, confessed self-greed.
  • Why this illegal Risk Management policy to cover up the bank loan to fund the illegal budget blowouts? Note Judge Brabazon's warning “Not the way to do it.” Davida's abandonment, no case, no disclosure! Anything to hide the depth of this multiple conspiracy.
  • Why run the ruse ‘to run us out of time and money?'To own our subdivision as creditors.
  • Why utilise the benefits of the confessed 'bagman' Robert James Wilson?
  • Why use bullying, violence, thuggery, standover tactics and intimidation to gain funds to pay for legal counsel to trick, cheat and deceive initially the Arbitrator in Engineering House Edward Street Brisbane?Then the Magistrates in Holland Park and Brisbane?
  • Why come up with a $10,000 insurance scam? Acknowledged as a Magistrates Court ‘technical device' / Environmental Protection Act, Section 32 scam, to illegally flood drains and roads with silt and sand as confirmed by Police, Baseline Civil Engineers and B.C.C. / I.I.D. To prevent completion of our subdivision in order to trick all courts into false liquidation?
  • Do you understand criminology and this anti-racketeering model? To ‘crystallise the loss' by creating a 'Dead Corporate Body' / Badja Pty Ltd. To follow standard Police procedure known as entrapment? As a form of circuit breaker, this was confirmed by our accountant Tim Allen accepting $10,000 to provide a damages confession, in our normal tax returns. To expose the money trail under Judge Pat Shanahan's direction. The A.T.O., A.S.I.C., A.C.C.C. and A.P.R.A are waiting for natural justice also called CIB patience and time.
  • Think of this as a model ‘stress test', the CIB Detective Sergeant Trevor Kidd laying false criminal charges, as proved with criminal code S391! Why did the CMC ignore the results, evidence, proof and witnesses to try and give us a criminal record? Identify this standard CIB scam to create a false criminal record. To mean, to lose credibility and no-one would believe us! Hence the importance of the Shakespeare model to keep our good name!
  • Why did Fraud Squad Detective Sergeant Brett Heath refuse to look at new evidence and proof when ordered by Chief of Staff Superintendent Peter Martin including new witnesses and hand written proof that proves our case beyond doubt ? Obviously to hide Detective Sergeant Kidd's actions, to hide the racketeering kickbacks.
  • So far we have been able to prove our innocence to five Supreme Court Judges. The key point, are they more credible than Detective Sergeant Trevor Kidd? Do you see the wisdom in the Crown / Q.L.S. calling on volunteers and'whistleblowers' to assist as primary witnesses in setting out this case as ruled quote “The best case for law reform?”
  • Hence as Davida explained “In the end, it will be your word against Grahame Ledwidge.” Why did Grahame Ledwidge as the rogue Risk Manager for the Commonwealth Bank pay $25,000 as a bribe, sack and blame the Relationship Manager James Pitman and make a confessed bank circus out of this whole procedure? Note Grahame's clue “We never said we do not make mistakes!” Davida was a skilled DPP Prosecutor, that is why Chief Justice Paul deJersey's reaction and signal. Davida has made a fool out of the whole court system and as her defendants we had to suffer the consequences, despite being proven innocent. See Supreme Court Judge Byrne's riddle! Hence the RICO Act solution!
  • Why did Grahame Ledwidge refuse to give disclosure and be accountable for the bank? He knew, because we are innocent, he would be found guilty and receive Judge Byrne's five year gaol term as part of the Police checklist! Hence bring it on!
  • Due to the principles of freedom of speech, we wish to be accountable for the $millions of $dollars that have been fraudulently stolen. (Remember the key pivotal point of this case. The bank forced us to sell land without title. Hence bank Solicitors Clarke and Kann's Supreme Court affidavit 4461/2001 is evidence and proof of guilt.) Why the Commonwealth Bank riddle? Why sack their own Solicitor for first defending the law? This proves how low the rogue / Risk Manager Grahame Ledwidge would go for confessed self-greed and self-gain.
  • We wish to file our still outstanding income tax returns to the Australian Tax Office, that is why in part we prepaid our accountant Tim Allen $10,000 to give us a ‘damages confession'. To over-ride the normal accountant's disclaimer and to make Tim Allen accountable by law, also known as entrapment. To set out this case as directed by the B.C.C. / I.I.D. so the Queensland Police get the credit for a job well done as ordered. We are still waiting for Tim Allen to provide his copy of the detail of the damages confession to the Police.
  • Court disclosure to gain full accountability is the key focus to this case . Note, the Commonwealth Bank have only given part disclosure of their fraud. Why have five Supreme Court Judges failed to gain disclosure in line with the District Court, Magistrates Court and Arbitration? By law we must gain full closure. Hence the ruse to run our subdivision out of time and money to gain liquidation and to sell off as creditors at massive profits as the Crown rules “Look at the obvious.” The only people that made a profit was the Commonwealth Bank and criminal legal counsel who provided the budget blow-out for mafia type crime, known as racketeering kickbacks or as the Police confirm “The way to do business.”
  • If this was a game of chess, we have established what you would call a stalemate but this is not a game this is real life. The most common direction we have been given by Police “This case is over our heads.” To mean, it's the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson's call or the Police Minister Judy Spence's correction. On a personal level this comes down to Police money and time. What we have proved is that neither Detective Sergeant Trevor Kidd nor Brett Heath have done their job. In fact they have done the reverse. They have done all within their power to give us a false criminal record and blacken our good name. Proving the obvious, the great need for town planning, S.A.A. rules and criminal code integration with Transparency International as the next step to the RICO law reform as natural justice / proof. The big picture / the standard procedure adopted by the various ministers is to state the acts under their control. To duck for cover and quote “You cannot beat organised crime.” Hence by natural justice Detective Sergeant Brett Heath made the infamous quote “ We all lose money, do not expect us to do the work for you. (His confessed fraud.) Get your (RICO) act together or you will be out the door so fast your bum will not touch the ground and I will be happy to tell my Inspector.” (His natural solution.)In line with Supreme Court Registrar Ian Mitchell's fraudulent ruling “To throw your Police Crime Reports in the bin,” allowing Supreme Court Judge Muir to be tricked, cheated and deceived in his confession of guilt, “I have no understanding or clarity.” Integration or multifunctional work skills known by law ‘as calling in all the experts' is explained by Supreme Court Judge Mackenzie and White's orders, “To mediate and give disclosure.”This gives closure. As Chris Watts said as mediation expert for the Commonwealth Bank “All the bank wants is closure.” Do you agree with us, the RICO Act as proven by the COLE inquiry and the $20million spent in gaining disclosure is the precedence we need to solve this case? So the Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson will overrule the obvious mistake of Assistant Commissioner Pat Doonan agreeing to the racketeering kickback of $200,000 or 2 blocks of land worth $400,000? This was confirmed by Inspector Ray Loader's confession of guilt! Even if we had paid all the obvious kickbacks or bribes the 'bagman' Rob Wilson would not have stopped trying to beat up the subcontractors and the developer until such times he gained liquidation as planned. So we ‘crystallised the loss' to prove guilt. As the Crown ruled and as other Police have confirmed no-one wants to go to prison or to be held accountable for Police incompetence. As explained in Indonesia, “Go to the Police over a stolen chicken and lose a water buffalo.” This is a case for crime control / criminology to amend Police Risk Management for not taking due care and attention and repeatedly trying to give us, the defendants a criminal record as a proven standard CIB cover-up. (Confirmed by psychologists, counsellors and the Church to frame the messenger.) Hence the DPP clue or signal / model or over use of the Attorney General's release / scam “Not to sue the Police for wrongful arrest.” As a standard confession of guilt, Maroochydore Police confirm, they have on average four (deliberate false cases / referred to as stuff-ups), a month. Special note; no further action is taken! Hence the point of this Crown Q.L.S. test case. Proof in the Chief Justice Paul deJersey's embarrassment at being tricked and deceived by the skill of an ex-DPP Prosecutor. Hence the Chief Justice ruling that my son John Bright and witness Graham Keir being banned from the Supreme Court coffee shop to prove the intelligence of Chris Watts as mediation expert for the Commonwealth Bank. His confirming that “This is a bank circus I do not wish to be part of.” The crime of course being when good men and women do nothing. Hence the importance to listen and acknowledge Magistrate Austin's quote “I do not care what (anyone from) the Police Minister down has to say.” Proof of his pre-conceived stuff-up! How CIB patience and time solves crime / check the facts. Minister Judy Spence confirmed that projects she worked on came out on budget and sometimes under budget. Hence being accountable for the correction with the stroke of a pen. Judy Spence will be our hero, as the Premier's solution, to make the correction and give the support to the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson, who has confirmed he needs her political support. To take on organised crime. To overrule Assistant Police Commissioner Pat Doonan's mistake and thus ensure further fraud charges are laid against the now criminal Davida Ellen Williams and her co-conspirators, so that we can live in safety and peace. Justice must prevail.


JOHN BRIGHT for Ada Bright, 1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560, second defendant of eleven

07 5478 5906

Email: Ada Bright brights@live.com.au


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