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Persons and Quotes

THE BANK and a $550,000 LOAN to develop 22 lots 5.5 acres at Lychee/Summit Streets in Belmont in Brisbane from June 1998, for Badja Pty Ltd acn 010 008 009, a 4 months job that took 17 months.

CBA 240 Queen Street Brisbane, for the Carindale Business Section.

James Pittman CBA Relationship Manager, oversaw Bright's business accounts with $1million of credit, said “You must search the bank to find someone to listen to your story. Only then will justice be done” , and “I cannot speak out. If I do I will lose my new job at Westpac.”

Chris Watts CBA Senior Credit Manager in charge of indemnity claims, said “This is a bank circus I do not wish to be part of ”, and “We must look after our mothers at all costs.”

Graham Ledwidge CBA Credit Manager in charge of loans and progress payments, said to sell lots without title or deposit, said “Breast cancer and divorce is a death sentence” in 1995, later “You should have known (what I meant)” on instruction to rip up the defective contracts. “You are not a part of our team!”

JF & Pike bank approved Civil Engineers for this development (and did a subdivision adjacent prior), on a CBA list costed the job at $398,520, approved progress payments (and had quoted earlier for prospective buyers PRA Realty as the Project Engineers if they purchased the 5.5 acres for subdivision).

Harvey and Ellis independent valuers confirmed the design, contract price, and approved the pricing of the subdivision for the CBA.

James Conomos fourth Solicitor to act for Rob Wilson.

Clark & Kann CBA Solicitors, Warwick Sauer of 300 Queen St Brisbane, declined to act further.

Allen Arthur Robinson CBA Solicitors, showed concern about the bank's actions.


Peter Greich Head Contractor apparently incompetent replaced by his right hand man Rob Wilson at 4 months.

Rob Wilson second Head Contractor asked for and was paid $30,000 upfront to cover all extras, but overinvoiced up to 300% for work and materials and litigated to obtain payment, when the contract stated 'cost+5%', and acted to delay the development by keeping subcontractors offsite, as a form of blackmail to obtain payment, and to put Bright in debt to secure the development by liquidatiing Badja Pty Ltd as a creditor, said “Give me $200,000 or 2 blocks of land and I'll leave you alone!” and “If I go down a lot of others will go down with me!”

Wilson perjured himself in court, denying he used Bright's equipment (for 17 months) until shown a photo of his son-in-law on Bright's excavator. Later offered $8/hr when rates were $55/hr.

Wilson said to a prospective buyer “You will never own this land!”, and wrote on a sales sign on lot 19 to frustrate sales “Check this side of block for poor ground” , and later “Never compacted – edge of dam.”

John Koek of Baseline Consulting West End took over as Consulting Engineer and Project Enginneer in July 1999, and identified $58,000 as clear overcharges and 2 or 3 times that as 'grey areas'. Koek said “Finish the subdivision. Otherwise you will go broke. Lay charges later.”

Michael X Design Engineer Auspacific Civil Engineers at Nerang who originated the first faulty design in 1995, finally approved in 1998.

Merv Roselin Electrical Engineer ERD Reticulation Design Services who designed the underground electricals including street lighting and telephone lines

East Coast Electrical who installed the electrical and telecom cabling

Col Rosenlund Plumber/Drainer, who installed the stormwater drains including roofwater, sewerage and water reticulation and water services, whom Wilson had earlier worked for, said “Why didn't you pay me?”, and Bright replied “It was a bank funded contract. Why didn't you come and ask me(during construction)?”.

Greg Henwood of Henwood Consulting Engineers at Greenslopes, Project Engineer supervised construction and approved progress payments, terminated by the CBA (Graham Ledwidge) Jul99 and replaced by John Koek.


Adam Sambrook Solicitor of Nerang.

Reg Kleidon Solicitor of Bain Gastein in George St Brisbane said after mediation “I will swear in court I did the best I could.”

Paul McQuade Barrister with Adam Sambrook Solicitor, in front of Supreme Court Judge Mackenzie, said “Do not expect to get justice in the Supreme Court. Always look to mediate.”

Davida Williams ex-Barrister ex-DPP engaged directly by Bright at $20/hr plus office facilities and a secretary at Healthequip, where she conducted her legal and investment adviser business. After failed court action said “You would be surprised what goes on behind closed doors, abandonment!” Later, she stood down from the Bar and was indicted for 1 act of forgery and passing off on the NAB for $198,000, and 5 attempts total ~$1.3 million, and sentenced in Nov04 to 3 years gaol with 6 months behind bars.


Judge Shanahan ex District Court said “Graham Ledwidge should have said to redraft the contracts, have them signed, and then rip up the old contracts”, and “Follow the court transcripts, follow the money trail, and you will win this case”, and “This story is so unbelievable it's believable.”

State Ombudsman Jack Nimmo said “Forget about the money for the moment and study the law. Work with natural justice.”

Magistrate Austin Holland Park Magistrates Court 421-22/00 471/00 said “I do not care what (anyone from) the Police Minister down has to say.”

Magistrate Dillon said “I remember you. You wasted hours of my time, and I ruled in your favour. This time I rule in favour of Rob Wilson.”

Judge Brabazon District Court said to Barrister Davida Williams in court as she failed to present evidence, the Civil, Electrical and CIB reports “That's not the way to do it!”

Judge McKenzie Supreme Court 11439/99Bne said “Mine is not a small claims court. Do not waste my time. Go and mediat,.” on Wilson's $10,000 fraudulent insurance claim, referred to by solicitors as 'throwaway money'

Judge Margaret White Supreme Court ruled 'disclosure by law', meaning there was insufficient information to show clarity, and it was not know then of ex-Barrister Davida Wilson's transgressions

Judge Muir Supreme Court said “I do not understand, I need clarity”, and then liquidated Badja Pty Ltd acn 010 008 009.

The Supreme, District and Magistrate Court Registrars who directed to study the Vexatious Litigants Act, and the Fair Trading Act and the Crime and Misconduct Act.

THE POLICE– 9 Police Crime Reports re violence

Michael Ede was helpful, and has the detail for the Police prosecution charges but needs the followup information.

Det Con Mark Hughes said “John Koek's civil engineer's report is very convincing.”

Det Con Rob Campbell said “You must set traps that will stand up in court if you are to win the case”, and traps were set, one for $10,000 with accountant Tim Allen to rip up his contract, and another re a false insurance claim where Rob Wilson said “If I go down lots of people will go down with me.”

Area Commander Supt John Hopgood with up to 5 years of police investigation said “Forget about the rest. Concentrate on Fraud.”

Ass Area Commander Les Hopkins totally frustrated said “Give this case to the CMC” , but the media report the CMC succeed in only 18 cases in 6,000.

Det Insp Leigh Gorrie said “Time and patience will solve the in-home invasion and nun chucker attack.”

Det Sgt Trevor Kidd, investigated the in-home invasion and nun chucker attack 16.08.00 where one of two said “Forget Rob Wilson. This is personal!” as he swung the weapon.

Kidd ignored Wilson's hand written extortion demand for $47,962.97 left behind after Bright managed to get a knife to his throat. CIB Photographic section said they would hold the photos of the in-home invasion and nun chucker attack for 20 years.

Why did Kidd ignore hand written evidence on signs to fail sales to gain ownership of the subdivision?

Why did Kidd ignore the explanation concerning an excavator bucket abandoned on the site by Wilson who did not pay one cent for the hire of Bright's 8-tonne truck and 3.3-tonne excavator?

Kidd accepted false charges by Wilson that Bright stole this abandoned bucket given to Steve Irwin's business, (Australia Zoo) not sold, and recovered. Davida Williams later initiated a release from the AG's department which Bright felt compelled to sign not to charge the police for false arrest for this. The cost of this trivia to the police etc would be ~$5,000. Would not 'De minimus non curat lex' rule? 'The law does not concern itself with trifles'. Was there another motive?

Det Sgt Brett Heath said (In dissobeying Chief of Staff Peter Martin's order to Senior Detective Sergeant Darren Soppa to follow new evidence and proof made available by the Premier's team.) “We all lose money . Don't expect us to do the work for you. (We lost $millions$) Get your act together or you will be out the door so fast your bum won't touch the ground, and I'll be happy to tell my Inspector.”

Det Con Ian Tuddenham then at Wynnum said “Charges could be laid against Rob Wilson for assault on the electrician (in front of 4 witnesses)”.

Insp John Earea Caloundra, has local knowledge of this matter where the CIB and Fraud Squad applied pressure on Bright's fiancee Noelene Lambert for Bright to cease his actions to recover, now retired.

Insp Merv Neilsen Maroochydore, showed little interest.

Patrick Doonan Assistant Commissioner previously South Brisbane prevented action, now Sunshine Coast.

Insp Steve Maney Maroochydore, showing interest.

Daniel O'Connor Bar Assoc CEO said “As Davida Ellen Williams has voluntarily stood down from the Bar we have no further involvement.”


The Rev Michael Veary said “We hear so many sad stories. Keep on telling the truth.” “Money is a necessity of life. It's the greed of money that is the crime.”

Dr Fank Walsh Psychologist said “The nun chucker may have only grazed your nose and knuckles and smashed the phone, but it is still assault.” “It's only over when it's over, and it's not over yet.”

Mrs Ada Bright now 87 years John Bright's mother coming out of hospital after a breast cancer operation, 2 replacement knees and a stomach hernia with arthritis and back pain, was seen as a soft target by Rob Wilson who abused her over the phone and hand delivered delivered demands to get money to her home, and who was served with a good behaviour bond, said “As a third generation bank customer you'd think the bank could do much better than this.” Had a 1% shareholding in Badja Pty Ltd to secure the Church loan.

Aran Bright son of John Bright was on the phone with John Bright during the nun chucker attack.

Kay X John Bright's fiancee felt intimidated, working for the Justice Department she broke off the engagement due to the reported violence and thuggery.

Noeline Lambert John Bright's fiancee, was witness to up to 7 abusive phonecalls a night by Rob Wilson confirmed by Trevor Kidd in a CIB report. She attempted suicide and was admitted to Belmont Private Hospital.

Greg Cran a prospective buyer and public servant was told by Wilson “You will never own this land!” Key witness ignored by Kidd (a total disgrace). Greg was so intimidated to the degree that he said “I won't give evidence unless I am protected by the Court.”

See Department of Justice Dispute Resolutions Centre

File No 3117 22.02.01 Robert James Wilson Peace and Good Behaviour adjudication

George and Margaret Hubbard provided evidence of a 'For Sale' sign in Wilson's handwriting saying their block was of poor soil and was once a dam, which soil test reports and the BCC report showed was untrue, to frustrate the sale to fail the development.

Tim Allen accountant for John Bright and Badja Pty Ltd for many years, was paid $10,000 to rip up his ammended contract but legal, to buy a block of land for $25,000 under the market value, for ~$75,000 and worth ~$200,000 on completion, Tim warned “Do not go on a crusade” , and “I have to work with the banks on a daily basis.”

The Legal Ombudsman Jack Nimmo said “Forget about the money for the present, concentrate on the law and you can win this case.”

The Criminal Justive Commission/Crime & Misconduct Commission said “This case should have been solved four years ago!” Pointing out the Crown's / Q.L.S. direction “To follow the obvious.” Even the Minister for the Attorney General's Office Rod Welford who overrulled every Judge and Magistrate as the Minister confessed he did not know Davida was a criminal as a confessed forger, fraudster with utterence she helped destroy all our lives and made a disgrace of our legal system making this the obvious best case for law reform!


BCC Internal Investigation Department who directed to set this case out so the police would get the credit for an investigation well done.

Dr. Ken Levy Barrister and former Attorney General Director was a great help and can offer further assistance.

Peter Beattie's team and Community Cabinet are the solution.

Sgt Janelle Harm Chandler police admin oversaw a psychiatric assessment of John Bright which showed a sound mind, and she directed the assistance of a good lawyer. This unfortunately resulted in the engagement of Davida Wilson aka Williams, Collins, Bennet, Armstrong, etc.

Refer Supreme Court CA No 429 of 2004, and

DC No 1972 of 2003

Refer Legal Services Commission No BS1015 of 2005

Further charges are expected to be laid when the details of this case have been finalised.

Ada Bright, 1 Manley Drive, Montville Qld 4560, 2nd defendant of eleven 07 5478 5906

Email: Ada Bright: brights@live.com.au


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